Do you love teaching Sunday School but don't have time for lesson planning?

The Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum gives you everything you need to create 9 weeks worth of amazing Bible lessons for 1st through 6th graders in just minutes!

With The Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum, you'll get:

  • NINE WEEKS WORTH OF COMPLETE LESSONS that will walk your kids through the life of Jesus from the perspective of the people who actually knew Him
  • ACTIVITY PAGES IN MULTIPLE LEVELS of difficulty so that you can teach a wide range of ages
  • BIBLE VERSE GAMES fully customized to KJV, NKJV, ESV, NASB, and NIV Bible versions
  • ACTIVE REVIEW GAMES, including questions written out for you in different levels of difficulty
  • Simple to make, PRINTABLE BIBLE CRAFTS that your kids will love to create
  • TAKE HOME BIBLE READING PAGES that will encourage older kids to read the Bible on their own or guide younger kids to study the lesson with their families

Stop spending hours lesson planning and get back to what's most important: sharing the love of Jesus with your kids.

YES! I want the Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum!

Has preparing to teach Sunday School become overwhelming?

YouWant To...

  • Create amazing Bible lessons that your students will LOVE
  • Help your students come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • Actually enjoy class time with your students.
  • Make an eternal impact on your students' lives.
  • Be everyone's favorite teacher.

But You Don't Have Time To...

  • Spend hours every week preparing lessons
  • Search online for extra activities to "fill out" your lesson
  • Try to figure out exciting new games your students will enjoy
  • Design cute crafts that will go with every lesson
  • Spend every Saturday night and Sunday morning frantically trying to figure out how to keep your energetic students busy for an hour or more.

It doesn't have to be this way!

The Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum will help you create Bible lessons that your kids will love and that will have an eternal impact on their lives.

Here's what you will get:

Ready to Read Bible Lessons

You will get Nine weeks worth of ready-to-read Bible lessons and enough activities to fill an hour or more of Sunday School time, all compatible with KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, or NASB Bible versions.

Fun Activity Pages in Multiple Levels

Each lesson includes MULTIPLE activity pages written for 1st to 6th grades - You pick which pages are best for your kids, or use more than one if you have a class with a wide age gap.

Memory Verse Activities

No more wondering how you can help kids memorize Bible verses - Every lesson includes a unique Bible memory game or activity that is ready to print and go! These activities can be easily modified for different ages.

Active Review Games

Active review games come with complete instructions, questions, and printable game pieces! Game questions are divided into harder and easier categories - you choose which are best for your kids.

Bible Based Crafts

No more searching for a craft idea - Complete instructions and printable crafts are included in every lesson and thoughtfully designed to need only common classroom supplies.

Take Home Bible Reading Pages

Printable take-home Bible reading pages will help your students continue to read the Bible and work on the memory verses at home.

Imagine being able to introduce your kids to Jesus Christ through the eyes of the people who were eyewitnesses to His ministry!

Travel through the Bible with your kids as they

  • Come to understand the importance of knowing Jesus as their Savior and Lord
  • Witness the miracle of Jesus' birth through the eyes of the people who were present
  • Discover what Jesus' everyday life was like through the testimony of His disciples
  • Experience Jesus' miracles with the people whose lives were changed
  • Watch as Jesus transforms people's hearts and lives
  • Discover why some people rejected Jesus 
  • Witness Jesus' death and resurrection beside those who were really there
  • Take a look at their own hearts and see how they are personally responding to Jesus

Getting to Know Jesus is a comprehensive Bible curriculum, designed to help you explore what the Bible really says about Jesus Christ, so that you can help your kids discover the truth about who Jesus really is and encourage them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior, Lord, and friend.

The Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum includes everything you need to teach!

This curriculum is designed by a real teacher for real teachers. Here's what you will get:


  • Lesson Prep pages summarize exactly what you will need for each lesson
  • Suggested Lesson Order gives you step by step instructions so you will be able to teach for an hour or more
  • The Ready-to-Read Lesson pages are completely written out for you so that you will be ready to teach in minutes
  • Digital format allows you to quickly send to a substitute teacher if needed


  • Each lesson includes Activity Pages in different levels of difficulty - perfect for teaching multiple ages in one classroom
  • Activity Pages come customized for KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV, or ESV Bible versions - you choose which you prefer
  • Activity pages feature unique word games, codes, mazes, coloring activities, word searches, puzzles, and more - designed to be FUN and different every lesson!


  • Give your kids a head start on memorizing Bible verses with exciting games and activities your students will love!
  • From exploding balloons to hidden words to a human "snake game" - different activities and games will keep your kids intrigued and engaged. They will never know what you have up your sleeve!
  • You get the ideas AND the printables in your preferred Bible version to easily and quickly teach the Bible verses with minimum preparation


  • Reinforce your students' learning while having fun with the active Lesson Review Games
  • From bean bag tosses to giant "Connect Four" to "Guess Who" to Bible Bingo - each lesson includes a different game that will challenge your students
  • Review Game questions are written out for you - woo-hoo!
  • Week 9 turns your whole classroom into a human sized board game for a final lesson review


  • Encourage your kids to be creative without the busy work - every craft in this curriculum reinforces the lesson.
  • Except for a special craft in lesson nine, crafts are designed to use only common classroom items such as tape, scissors, crayons, and printable pages
  • Crafts feature complete, step by step instructions and PICTURES for you so you will know exactly how to help your students put the crafts together


  • Encourage your students to continue learning about Jesus all week long with the take home Bible reading pages
  • These pages can be read independently by older kids or as a family for younger kids
  • Prayer prompts every day teach kids how to pray according to God's Word
  • Memory Verses are listed on the last page to help kids continue memorizing all week

Now you can join over 450 other teachers and parents and share the Gospel with your kids without spending hours preparing each week. 

Here's What Your Kids Will Be Learning:


Do you truly KNOW Jesus? It's not enough to know facts about Jesus. We need to know Him personally as our Savior, Lord, and Friend.

We can get to know Jesus through the eyewitness accounts of His life, miracles, death, and resurrection found in the Bible. As we come to truly know Jesus, He will change our hearts. 


Jesus' miraculous birth testified to the fact that He was God's promised Savior. When the shepherds heard about Jesus' birth, they hurried to worship Him. Simon and Anna told everyone who would listen about God's promised Savior. Wise men traveled from a far country to worship Jesus. 

But, not everyone responded with belief and worship. The Jewish religious leaders couldn't be bothered to travel a few miles to investigate Jesus' birth. King Herod tried to kill Jesus in a fit of jealousy. 

Now, it is our turn to decide how we will respond to Jesus. Will we worship Him? Or, will we refuse to acknowledge Him as our Lord and Savior?


What would it have been like to talk to Jesus, travel with Him, see His miracles with your own eyes and listen to His teachings with your own ears?

Come with the disciples as they follow Jesus and discover exactly Who He is - God's promised Savior sent to die for our sins. Your kids will get a front row seat as they explore what everyday life was like with Jesus, see Jesus' power, listen to Peter's testimony about Who Jesus truly is, and discover what Jesus was really like - all from the pages of the Bible.


Wherever Jesus went, He changed people's lives forever. During this week, your children will read about Jesus rescuing a man from demons, forgiving and healing a paralytic man, raising a twelve year old girl from the dead, healing a sick woman, freeing a boy from demon possession, and giving sight to a blind man.


Jesus not only healed people and changed their outward circumstances - Jesus also changed people's hearts! In this lesson, your kids will watch as Jesus changes the hearts of 5 different people (Zaccheus, the Samaritan woman, the woman who washed Jesus' feet, Nicodemus, and Jesus' own brothers).  Your kids will also be encouraged to explore their own hearts to see if Jesus is at work in them.


Jesus proved that He is God through a perfect, sinless life, fulfilling prophecy, and performing many miracles. However, many people still reject Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

During this week, your kids will examine 5 different people who rejected Jesus (the rich young ruler, the hungry crowd, the Pharisees and Scribes, a lame man, and Judas). They will learn why these people rejected Jesus and be encouraged to explore their own hearts to see if they are believing in Jesus as their Savior or rejecting Him.


Even in His death, Jesus changed people's hearts. He changed the disciples' expectations, the thief's eternal destiny, the centurion's beliefs, Mary Magdalene's grief, and Thomas' doubt. More than all of this, through His death Jesus made a way of salvation for all people who believe in Him, from Adam and Eve to people living all around the world right now.

Jesus' resurrection proves that God accepted Jesus' perfect sacrifice on our behalf. We can be sure that, if we put our trust in Him, our sins will be forgiven and we will receive eternal life. This week, your kids will receive a very clear presentation of the Gospel.


Regardless of what we think about Jesus, the Bible says that He will one day be our righteous Judge. Will we also be able to call Jesus our Savior, King, Lord, and Friend on that day? This week will challenge your kids to honestly think about whether they know Jesus as their Savior, King, Lord, and Friend.

It is easy to say, "Yes, Jesus is my Savior." But, are our lives truly reflecting that? Are we living in obedience to Him? Do we truly KNOW Jesus Christ?


This last week is a time to have some fun while helping your kids review all that they have learned about Jesus in the previous eight weeks. An extra cool craft coupled with turning your whole classroom into a giant, human sized board game and fun party ideas will make this last lesson truly memorable and special.

This complete 9 week Bible curriculum is only $40. That means that you are getting a complete digital curriculum that will save you hours of time for only $4.45 per week!

Are you tired of staying up late on Saturday night, trying to figure out what you will teach on Sunday morning?

I am passionate about helping teachers just like you rediscover the joy of teaching kids the Bible without having to spend hours lesson planning.

I have spent way too many late nights and early mornings trying to figure out how to really connect with my Sunday School students and make learning about the Bible something that they will look forward to.

And, honestly, it takes HOURS to write Bible lessons from scratch... hours that you and I don't have with all of the other things going on in our lives.

Sure, there are lots of Bible curriculums on the market. But, many of them are cost prohibitive, don't come in the Bible version we prefer to use, are boring, still need lots of work to make them actually fill an hour for our energetic students, or are Biblically "fluffy".

That's why I decided to make this my full time job - creating Bible materials for you so that YOU CAN teach your students easily, with only minutes of preparation, and make an eternal impact on their lives.

You are passionate about teaching your students the Bible. So am I! Let's do this together.

With this step-by-step system, you'll be confidently sharing the Gospel with your students in no time!

Here's what you'll love about this product:

  • The ability to download the Bible curriculum as a zip file or access as a link enables you to easily share the curriculum with other teachers or substitutes - even if you can't give them the curriculum in person
  • Online links and digital files allow you to easily share the activity pages, crafts, and games with families who are unable to come to the church physically because of social distancing
  • You can print exactly as many copies as you need for the students in your class - no worries about too many pages one Sunday and not enough pages the next
  • You can use the curriculum over and over again for years to come without ever having to make another purchase

Is the Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum right for you?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You are a Sunday School Teacher
  • You are a Children's Ministry Leader
  • You teach in a Christian School
  • You have an after-school Bible club
  • You prefer using the KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, or NASB Bible versions
  • You are looking for creative ways to share the Gospel with your kids
  • You need something that you can use in person or virtually

This isn't for you if:

  • Your students can't read yet
  • You don't have access to a printer or internet
  • Your students don't speak English - because of the word games, this curriculum is not going to translate well
  • You really love spending hours designing your own Bible lessons each week

Here's what teachers just like you are saying about the Getting to Know Jesus Curriculum:

Still have questions?

Will I get a physical product?

No - this is a digital product. This means that you can print exactly the number of copies that you need, and you can reuse this curriculum for many years in the future.

How long is this curriculum?

This curriculum is 9 weeks long. You will get everything you need for 9 weeks worth of lessons.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

You will be able to immediately download a zipped file with the entire Bible curriculum in it. Once you open the zipped file, you will be able to choose your preferred Bible version.

You will also receive an email with an online link where you can access all of the curriculum without downloading it onto your computer.

What Bible Versions is the curriculum compatible with?

The Getting to Know Jesus Bible curriculum is designed to be compatible with the KJV, NKJV, NIV, NASB, or ESV Bible versions.

You will get to choose your preferred Bible version after purchasing and open that file. Within that file, every activity page, take home Bible page, and craft is completely customized to your preferred Bible version.

Do you have a statement of faith?

Absolutely! You can read my statement of faith here.

What ages is this curriculum written for?

This curriculum is designed to be used by kids in first grade through sixth grade.

Do you offer refunds?

I get it because I've been there: You order a curriculum and then find out it's not quite right for your needs. No worries! I am so confident that you will love this curriculum that I offer a full money back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with this curriculum for any reason, let me know within 14 days after purchase and I will refund your money. It's that easy.


If you are unhappy with this curriculum for any reason, let me know within 14 days after purchase and I will refund your money. It's that easy.

Are you ready to introduce your kids to Jesus Christ?

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Getting to Know Jesus Bible Curriculum.

  • 9 Weeks worth of Complete Bible Lessons
  • Ready-to-Read Teacher Lesson Pages
  • Activity Pages for different ages
  • Memory Verse Games
  • Lesson Review Games
  • Fun, simple to make Bible Crafts
  • Take Home Bible Pages

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